The Journey Begins…

For some time now, I have contemplated starting a blog about my life.  To me, I live a very average, boring existence, but for others it seems very interesting.  Most of you reading this page, at least at this point, are related to me, but if by chance someone happens upon this page I guess I must explain.  My husband is a touring Nashville musician and that apparently makes me interesting.  People continuously ask me, “what’s it like to live in Nashville?, “what’s it like to have a husband on the road?”, “what’s it like to know famous people?”, “what’s it like to live the dream?”, and the list goes on.  I have no answers to most of the questions because I really don’t “know” famous people, although I do occasionally see them.  Living in Nashville (or just outside) is great but my life really circles around a 10 mile radius involving my home, an elementary school and the hospital where I work.  “Living the dream” is pretty much controlled chaos, trying to find an unattainable balance between marriage, kids, work and the music business.  I will say, however, that this is a life I never thought I would live and this is a dream that I never knew I wanted.

My only hope with this blog is to share real moments about my journey.  The up’s, the downs, the funny moments and all those in-between.  I will share lessons learned and lessons I’m still learning.  My hope is that as you read, you will see that our struggles are really more the same than different and sometimes we just need to hear someone say, “me too”.  Happy reading!!!

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  1. Love this! You honesty is refreshing. Looking forward to reading more from you. 💖


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